August 15, 2014

Michael Brown Memorial

Hey, with everything happening in MO, I thought I would cover a local memorial and moment of silence for Michael Brown. This is a frame from that. Thanks for looking if ya do. Missouri Shooting Alabama Vigil

May 27, 2014

Nebraska State everything and more

Hello guys! I have been slammed with Nebraska state everything this month that I have been delayed on any posts. There is more here to look at other then state track, soccer, and baseball. I worked on a story with Kate Howard Perry about a college dorm benefiting moms. Thanks for looking if ya do!

282455 BA_madonna hall06

282455 BA_madonna hall01


282455 BA_madonna hall04

282455 BA_madonna hall05

282455 BA_madonna hall11

282455 BA_madonna hall03

299809 BA_rocket launch05

299809 BA_rocket launch01A


751641 BA_westside vs. millard north01A

751641 BA_ Grand Island vs. Crieghton Prep04

495830 BA_GI vs. CPrep01

745538 BA_track07

745538 BA_track03

745538 BA_track17

745538 BA_track01

May 5, 2014


534163 BA_cinco de mayo04

534163 BA_cinco de mayo15

534163 BA_cinco de mayo01

02414504 BA_girl power

919047 BA_NU vs. UNO03

919047 BA_NU vs. UNO05

837824 BA_bat02

837824 BA_bat01

546889 -- fans554434 -- action

301156 BA_debate20

133164 BA_weather03

CRASH on 21st01

March 11, 2014

basketball, basketball, basketball

481399 BA_Benson vs. Bellevue West02
481399 BA_Benson vs. Bellevue West05
968764 BA_NU vs. Wisconsin06
481399 BA_Benson vs. Bellevue West06
665855 BA_millard west vs. fremont01
665855 BA_millard west vs. fremont10
808898 BA_bennington vs. roncalli04
968764 BA_NU vs. Wisconsin21
481399 BA_Benson vs. Bellevue West04

March 2, 2014

Just a days work!

Hey guys! Just a little bit of swimming and basketball if you are interested. Thanks for looking if ya do.

610487 BA_swimming01

610487 BA_swimming05

610487 BA_swimming06

610487 BA_swimming07

610487 BA_swimming11

610487 BA_swimming12

737532 BA_NU vs. Northwestern06

February 26, 2014


It’s that time of year again. basketball, basketball, basketball!!

236484 BA_NU vs. Penn State001a
236484 BA_NU vs. Penn State019
236484 BA_NU vs. Penn State012
236484 BA_NU vs. Penn State010

February 26, 2014

WiP update

Hey guys! It’s been a crazy couple of days with Nebraska State Wrestling, NU girls and guys basketball, fire and more. Thanks for looking if you do.

372871 BA_NU vs. Purdue04a
717527 BA_caleb003
784329 BA_fire01
784329 BA_fire0206
662978 BA_Bill Avery01

119848 BA_blacksmith05

600150 BA_wrestling10

806451 BA_forest lawn cemetery03

784329 BA_fire0205

515387 BA_Clarinda condo03

931712 BA_state wrestling01

February 6, 2014

snow days and such

Hey guys! We have lots of snow, snow, snow. Thanks for looking if ya do.
567825 BA_weather08

953338 BA_mark langan01

914858 BA_weather03A


567825 BA_weather01

567825 BA_weather05

272205 BA_Offutt Kids03

February 2, 2014


It has been WAY too long since I have posted anything. So here is a hefty amount of some of the stuff I have shot recently. I have also updated my website with some year in photos for 2013. Thanks for looking if ya do.
214757 BA_FITNESS01

905671 BA_HSSWIM01

BA_ John Swirzinski


380874 BA_GeneralMFG11

380874 BA_GeneralMFG13

515387 BA_Clarinda condo03

172295 BA_jacey001

September 11, 2013

fall is almost here!

I love the fall season, although I could take or leave the cold winter. It’s football time and also here is a weather feature I saw on the way home the other day. BA weather 01a
898735 BA_warriors vs. jays004a