August 11, 2017

a new beginning

hello all,

I have not posted on my blog since 2014. Shame on me. BUT, I haven’t really felt like I’ve shot anything worth the blog these days. I’ve been in a slump and I want to get out of it. So, here is to a new beginning. I want to start writing my feelings about life and photo down again. Showing my life through my photographs, personal and work stuff. The photos will not always be good photos, and what I say may not always make since. But, I need to do this for myself.  I hope you come back and take a look, watch as I try to grow as a photographer again. Thanks for looking!

Here is a photo I took this morning. I don’t have a micro lens, so I just turned my 35 fixed around and here is what I made. Plus a thunderstorm cloud photo. Nothing special.

August 15, 2014

Michael Brown Memorial

Hey, with everything happening in MO, I thought I would cover a local memorial and moment of silence for Michael Brown. This is a frame from that. Thanks for looking if ya do. Missouri Shooting Alabama Vigil

May 27, 2014

Nebraska State everything and more

Hello guys! I have been slammed with Nebraska state everything this month that I have been delayed on any posts. There is more here to look at other then state track, soccer, and baseball. I worked on a story with Kate Howard Perry about a college dorm benefiting moms. Thanks for looking if ya do!

282455 BA_madonna hall06

282455 BA_madonna hall01


282455 BA_madonna hall04

282455 BA_madonna hall05

282455 BA_madonna hall11

282455 BA_madonna hall03

299809 BA_rocket launch05

299809 BA_rocket launch01A


751641 BA_westside vs. millard north01A

751641 BA_ Grand Island vs. Crieghton Prep04

495830 BA_GI vs. CPrep01

745538 BA_track07

745538 BA_track03

745538 BA_track17

745538 BA_track01

May 5, 2014


534163 BA_cinco de mayo04

534163 BA_cinco de mayo15

534163 BA_cinco de mayo01

02414504 BA_girl power

919047 BA_NU vs. UNO03

919047 BA_NU vs. UNO05

837824 BA_bat02

837824 BA_bat01

546889 -- fans554434 -- action

301156 BA_debate20

133164 BA_weather03

CRASH on 21st01

March 11, 2014

basketball, basketball, basketball

481399 BA_Benson vs. Bellevue West02
481399 BA_Benson vs. Bellevue West05
968764 BA_NU vs. Wisconsin06
481399 BA_Benson vs. Bellevue West06
665855 BA_millard west vs. fremont01
665855 BA_millard west vs. fremont10
808898 BA_bennington vs. roncalli04
968764 BA_NU vs. Wisconsin21
481399 BA_Benson vs. Bellevue West04

March 2, 2014

Just a days work!

Hey guys! Just a little bit of swimming and basketball if you are interested. Thanks for looking if ya do.

610487 BA_swimming01

610487 BA_swimming05

610487 BA_swimming06

610487 BA_swimming07

610487 BA_swimming11

610487 BA_swimming12

737532 BA_NU vs. Northwestern06

February 26, 2014


It’s that time of year again. basketball, basketball, basketball!!

236484 BA_NU vs. Penn State001a
236484 BA_NU vs. Penn State019
236484 BA_NU vs. Penn State012
236484 BA_NU vs. Penn State010

February 26, 2014

WiP update

Hey guys! It’s been a crazy couple of days with Nebraska State Wrestling, NU girls and guys basketball, fire and more. Thanks for looking if you do.

372871 BA_NU vs. Purdue04a
717527 BA_caleb003
784329 BA_fire01
784329 BA_fire0206
662978 BA_Bill Avery01

119848 BA_blacksmith05

600150 BA_wrestling10

806451 BA_forest lawn cemetery03

784329 BA_fire0205

515387 BA_Clarinda condo03

931712 BA_state wrestling01

February 6, 2014

snow days and such

Hey guys! We have lots of snow, snow, snow. Thanks for looking if ya do.
567825 BA_weather08

953338 BA_mark langan01

914858 BA_weather03A


567825 BA_weather01

567825 BA_weather05

272205 BA_Offutt Kids03

February 2, 2014


It has been WAY too long since I have posted anything. So here is a hefty amount of some of the stuff I have shot recently. I have also updated my website with some year in photos for 2013. Thanks for looking if ya do.
214757 BA_FITNESS01

905671 BA_HSSWIM01

BA_ John Swirzinski


380874 BA_GeneralMFG11

380874 BA_GeneralMFG13

515387 BA_Clarinda condo03

172295 BA_jacey001